Real Estate / Architectural Photography

Real Estate / Architectural Photography

Kim Lawson


When scouring the Internet for a future home, prospective buyers are drawn first to the appearance of the property through the posted pictures. This neglected marketing tool is my specialty, equipped with the photography skill and real estate expertise to help others in the industry by supplying alluring pictures needed to draw interested buyers.

As a photographer for 10 years, I've developed an eye for the architectural niche. Many contributing factors affect the final composition, but I will attest, it is the tiny details that bring the picture together. By highlighting the particular aspects of a home with the correct lighting, contrasting shadows and appropriate time of day, I present buyers with an attractive option and an open house destination.  

Though based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, now,  I worked as a successful realtor for 15 years in Albuquerque NM, showcasing homes with stunning images. With effective marketing skills, I advertised hundreds of properties by promoting appealing and undeniably representative photography.

As internet has changed the way people begin their search for a new home,  I saw the need for a professional photographer in the real estate industry, I began providing realtors with progressive means of marketing their homes through effective photographic representation. I ensures customer satisfaction as I capture the brilliant aspects of a property through my photography skill and keen identification of a home’s unique characteristics – two qualities that will translate into an effective marketing tool.